The Adventure Begins Here

Greetings, this is the opening post to The Room Fills With Water a D&D blog. I will be posting DM tips, Monster reviews and thoughts, general D&D observations, and finally larger posts containing adventures that I have created for my party. If you are interested in D&D, no matter what edition, there should be something here for you. I will be focusing less on rules, and more on concepts, ideas, and flow of the game.

I am almost exclusively a DM. I have yet to find a friend who wants to keep DMing after 1-2 sessions, and usually they just wait for me to start something up. Most of my observations and thoughts will be from a DM’s perspective.

My D&D style tends to emphasize roleplaying over hack and slash, though my sessions often have challenging and interesting combat situations. My goal is always to create encounters and adventures that the players can warp and change into an interesting story. After all, if everything went according to my plan where would the fun be.

Basic Gamer Cred/Bio:

My parents played D&D before I was born, and throughout my childhood, so it is a game I have always been aware of and played to some extent. After I turned 11 my Dad started pushing me to try DMing, in hindsight I think he wanted someone to replace him as primary DM. While I often cringe about those early years they taught me a lot.

Moving into college I formed a few unsuccessful campaigns until one group finally stuck. We played roughly once a week for 2 and 1/2 years leveling from 1-16 in D&D 3.5. The campaign started using The Lost City a really fun 1st edition adventure.


Using this as a foundation my friends’ zany choices, and my own devious mind expanded the rough outline of this adventure into a long term campaign to slay the demon Zargon.

Since then I have continued to play, though none of my campaign have been quite as successful. I have thoroughly been enjoying D&D Fifth Edition, and am planning a campaign, that I hope will rival my The Lost City experience.

I have roughly 15 years of DMing experience, and hope to put all my tools and tricks out for the world to see here on this blog.


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