Product Review: Out of Print Sources for Character Ideas

Hello everyone! Today I bring another product review, talking about Masters of the Wild, Tome and Blood, and Defenders of the Faith. These books were part of a series, that focused on a group of specific classes, picked them apart, discussed how they would play, and provided new feats, rules, and prestige classes. I don’t actually own the books that talked about Bards and Rogues, or Fighters and Monks, but I am sure they are equally as useful.

defenders of the faith Masters_of_the_Wild_coverthumb Tome_and_Blood_coverthumb

While the new rules in these books is nice, their real value is in the chapters they have which cover ideas and concepts, rather then rules. Each of these books was filled with amazing ideas that can be utilized in any fantasy roleplaying game. For example, Defenders of the Faith has an excellent section on playing an effective Paladin, discussing topics such as the Paladin “Code.” This section talks about different rules you may consider applying to your Paladin, to represent their Lawful alignment.

It should be noted that a lot of the concepts are covered before and during discussions of specific classes, prestige classes, and other very rules centered content; however, unless you are playing 3.0 I suggest skipping over all that and just read for the ideas and inspiration.

These books show why the best D&D books can be useful no matter what edition they were written for. The great thing about D&D is that the majority of the flavor and content for the game comes from free form imaginative exploration, which obviously has no limits based on hard rules. A cool concept for an urban Ranger, even if written with 3rd edition in mind, can easily be used as a springing off point for another edition, or even game!

As a DM I find flipping through these books can be very useful when I hit blocks during planning. I also show certain sections to players looking for ideas.

Well that is it for today, hope you enjoyed my discussion of these blasts from the past!


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