Adventure Log: A Bard’s Tale, Passage 2


After all the fun of his first post, Aldo is back with his second entry in his grand epic. I hope you enjoy it as much as the first one! As always, please feel free to comment, more people reading/ enjoying this will get Aldo writing more!

As a DM aside: it’s nice to get a second perspective on my sessions, plus Aldo’s writing is much more successful at capturing the feeling of the moment, so enjoy The Bard’s Tale: The Adventure Begins

The Bard’s tale

By Aldo Hardbottle

The Adventure Begins

Down the road we went
Towards the Gunter’s farm. Where we’d been sent,
To find out how the sheep he kept
Were stolen in the night while he slept.

Starfall, the Tiefling girl
Began this mystery to unfurl,
She used her magics, so to seek
What the livestock had to speak.

We learned of fear and unnatural things
“You should not travel while the forest sings
It’s song of unnatural quiet,
For if you do you’ll face a wooded riot.”

We found not much, but a bloody trail,
Which we followed to no avail,
Until we noticed we were by the Old Road,
Maybe our culprit makes the ruins it’s abode.

At least that is the thought we all had,
We’d heard the stories, all were bad.
The new plan was to go where the beast would dwell,
So we started for the Sunless Citadel.
We reached the spot where the stronghold stood,
But had to climb down a cliff, at which Millbee was no good.
With a shove from Aman, the wizard fell down below
And hit the ground, much to his woe.

As the rest of the group began to descend,
Our noble Drow, Millbee’s wounds did mend.
Our way was blocked by giant rats,
But the true heroes had no issue dealing with that.

We entered the ruins with myself in the lead,
To disarm traps and open locks if there be a need.
We came across a room with a keg,
“We must take it for the booze,” someone began to beg.

No beer was within, but instead a surprise,
A water elemental of formidable size.
Most of our group took off at a sprint,
All but Aman whose eyes had a glint.

He took up his hammer, he went on the attack,
He gave the elemental a terrible whack!
The water beast could no longer hold form
And went back to the keg as fast as a storm.

After the excitement we found a room to sleep,
And the night passed away with naught but a peep.
The very next morning when we opened the door,
We saw a poor little Kobold weeping on the floor.

Starfall, our resident altruist, ran to its aid.
After consoling the creature, a deal was made,
She offered to help the kobold find the dragon he lost,
The Noble and others felt a bit crossed.

The Kobold happily told us his name.
“Meepo I am,” he would proclaim.
Then he led us down a hall.
Some of us trusted him, but not all.

He brought us to the kobold camp,
An old throne room which they needed to revamp.
There surrounded by the kobold guard,
All of our exits were hopelessly barred.

The only way out was to go with the plan.
The one created by our champion kobold fan,
Noble and I looked about the room,
This we thought might be our doom.

For Starfall did not even once consult,
The party she traveled with to horrible result.
Locked in to help with no real way to say no,
We were now helping the dragonkeeper Meepo.

The queen of the Kobold told us the goblin clan,
Had taken their dragon and ran
Back to their part of the stronghold,
Never had they dared an attack so bold.

“Surely we are not doing this task for free?” I piped up
The Kobold queen Yusdrayl spat out the contents of her cup.
“Are you not friends,” she asked, with great discontent.
“My dear lady you misunderstand what I meant.”

“As a good friend we understand your plight,
But know taking on the goblins will be no easy fight.
We’ll need to prepare so as not to die.
I ask for but a small token from the great queen on high.”

“You may take one thing from my royal vault,
But bring back our dragon or suffer the fault.”
With that we turned with our new member Meepo
Some of us remained unhappy though.

What consequence could this bring?
Shifting the balance of power is no easy thing.
Besides the kobolds could be the beast,
That were stealing the livestock so they could all feast.

It was clear that there was some dissension,
But we focused on our task to ease the tension.
Meepo lead us to the goblin territory.
It was time to steal back the dragon and win the glory.

While searching, we happened upon a curious door
And inside horrible skeletons, round five or more.
A mighty brawl began in haste,
For these undead, Noble had a great distaste.

These specters of undeath would not suffer the living
Their brutal attacks were unforgiving.
Many a vicious blow was struck,
And we survived the fight with nothing but luck.

These foes, of life nearly wiped us out,
But we stood together and survived the bout.
Afterwards I helped the unconscious stand
We stood a battered and beaten band.

Limping back to the entrance of the citadel
Neither Noble nor Starfall had any healing spell.
We decided to limp back to Oakhurst,
On our way back we must have been cursed.

The fog was thick and the night was dark,
No sound was made, not even a lark.
Followed were we, on the lonely Old Road,
Fearing our surroundings we never slowed.

Then finally the sun o’er the horizon came
We saw the town and laughed off our shame,
Making straight for the Ol’ Boar’s Inn,
A comfortable bed to sleep within.

After a rest we’d gather our strength
And head back to the citadel and search at length,
For a lost dragon, fame, and for glory,
But those adventures, well, that’s another story.


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