Adventure Log: Tieflings and You

Hello everyone! I have some more amazing content created by a player from my group.

This is created by Starfall’s player. In game, Starfall is continually handing out pamphlets describing the plight of the Tiefling, drawing inspiration from characters, like Britta from Community.

For the past few sessions, Starfall’s player has actually be creating this pamphlet, and here is what he came up with. Enjoy :)!

Tiefling Handout

Tiefling Handout 2

Tiefling Handout 3

Tiefling Handout 4

Tiefling Handout 5

Tiefling Handout 6

So what did you think? Pretty cool, considering it was made in between his turns. I would love to hear reactions, and if you want more stuff like this please do comment, my group read the blog and I am sure it will encourage them to create more.


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