Sunless Citadel: Session 4

Hello everyone I am back, with details of my last D&D session. This was our fourth session, and my party was drawing close to the end of the Sunless Citadel adventure.

If readers remember, in the last session, the party, specifically Milbee the Wizard, killed Calcryx the White Dragons, which the kobold tribe had hoped the party would rescue. After the ensuing chaos, Milbee ended up tied up along with Meepoo, as the party debated what to do. Eventually it was decided that they would stick with Milbee, and Noble walked behind Meepoo and slew the kobold. The party decided to adventure further into the Citadel, in hopes of finding and slaying Belak the Outcast, whose followers had been harassing the party.

Initially, it took some time to get my party focused, they were in a goofy mood. After about thirty or so minutes of goofing around, jokes, and very little actual play the party began to explore deeper into Goblin territory. (It should be noted I don’t necessarily begrudge this delay, it was a good chance for me to re-look over my notes).

Eventually, the party ended up in a long chamber, with two rows of dark obsidian columns. The chamber was quite smokey from the numerous torches lit, making seeing far ahead difficult. Three doors jutted off from the hall; however, the door at the end of the hall had a lot of noise coming from the other side. Sneaking up, one of the party members looked in, and saw dozens of goblins, mostly children and unarmed civilians; however, 4 hulking and armored hobgoblins stood guard, as did 6 regular goblins.

After some discussion the party formed a nice plan, popping open the door. Starfall cast Spike Growth, while Aman held the door, and other party members attempted to shoot enemies. The horde of goblin civilians ran, many impaled on the Spikey Growths now jutting out of the ground.

The party, expecting to see Starfall show remorse, instead saw her shrug as she continued to slay both combatants and noncombatants. The party joked that by slaying Meepoo they had “broke” her.

Despite the missile shots, and spells, two hobgoblins did manage to get to the door and attack Aman. He was shocked to find that they hit quite hard. When working in tandem they did additional 7 points of damage, bringing him from max health to near unconsciousness in one round. Aman quickly began to back up, as the rest of the party attempted to deal with the few combatants left.

Goblin Ambush

Unfortunately for the party, a neighboring room of goblins had heard the fight, and came to help, rushing into the flank of the party. Ironically, Milbee, who had just withdrawn from the hobgoblins was standing right where the goblins came rushing out. Taking quite a bit of damage the party now had to deal with threats from two sides! Milbee’s player began to joke that no matter where he was, if they were going to be ambushed that was the direction it would come from.

At this point at least one party member was unconscious (I can’t remember who). The party made some solid use of various abilities slaying the hobgoblins, and coming to grips with the 5 rampaging goblins. Milbee, determined not to fight the marauders, withdrew to the opposite end of the room. A door was on that side, and the Wizard jokingly remarked, “Watch another group come from this door.”

Well, he was right! With a little glee I described yet another band of 5 goblins come rushing through the door, throwing javelins at the closest enemy, who was yet again Milbee. The plucky Wizard fell unconscious, as the party both laughed and groaned.

The first group of ambushing goblins was slain, while Starfall fell unconscious to a rain of javelins. Luckily for the party, the remaining members  managed to slay the goblins, and keep any party members from dying.

They then briefly interacted with the goblin noncombatants; however, they discovered little new information, after which they withdrew to a safe zone to rest and level up.


Now level 3, the party had access to cool new abilities and spells.  Listening at the room following the one filled with noncombatants, they heard movement within the neighboring chamber. Sneakily Aldo peeked into the room, seeing several hobgoblins, goblins, and a hobgoblin chief resting on a throne. A pit, with vines growing out of it, took up the center of the room.

Taking quite a while to discuss their plan, they party decided to split into two groups, to each come in from different doors. Starfall would be made invisible and attempt to creep up to the group of enemies, and then she would use Thunderwave to hit as many enemies as possible, after which the party would rush in. (They were making great use of their new 2nd level spells)

The plan worked very well, killing nearly all the combatants. Aldo put one of the remaining Hobgoblins to sleep with a Sleep spell. Aman; however, was ambushed by two Hobgoblins when he rushed through the door. His new found skill however, allowed him to handle them quite handily.

After one quick round, the Hobgoblin Chief was all that was left, and he was pissed. Rushing forward, Noble grabbed the beast, casting Inflict Wounds. The chieftain; however, took that as an opportunity to grapple and throw Noble into the pit. Failing multiple saves, Noble went tumbling down, taking 4D6 damage before managing to grab a vine after falling 40 feet.

The remaining party made quick work of the Chieftain taking him prisoner and questioning him. They found out the pit led into the final layer of the Sunless Citadel, it contained the Twilight Grove of Belak, and was guarded by more goblins, hobgoblins, 2 adventurers, a gardener, and some skeletons, in addition to Belak.

Noble eventually climbed his way out of the pit. The party found a few nice items in the chieftain’s chest, and then concluded they needed to use the vines to descend down into the Twilight Grove of Belak the Outcast.

At this point we called it an night; however, the party was quite excited to see the conclusion of the adventure in the next session.

Overall, I think the session went very well, the party had 2 tough fights, one of which planning and great use of spells and skills made less challenging. I think the party also learned to respect the power of Hobgoblins after they repeatedly caused the party problems.

I was also very please how each combat had very different tones and feel, despite containing very similar creatures.

Hopefully I didn’t mix up which of my party members did what too badly; however, if I did I am sure they will correct me in the comments :).



4 thoughts on “Sunless Citadel: Session 4

  1. Aman (my character) actually fell to the hobgoblins early on in the fight and noble came to heal me back up so i could be his meat shield again. And that was before we got ambushed twice. Martial advantage sucks btw.


  2. There is always one member of any group that is a trouble magnet . This time it appears it was first to his demise and then the group. ” Why open one door when you can open them all.”

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