Adventure Log: A Bard’s Tale, Volume 4

Hi everyone, I bring another installation of A Bard’s Tale, thank’s to Aldo for getting back on the horse and spinning some more of his tale!


 A Bard’s Tale 

By Aldo Hardbottle

The Goblin Lair

Meepo lead us into the goblin lair,

hoping a dragon to ensnare.

Goblins must have known we were on our way,

for the realm was well defended to keep us at bay.

We trudged past many a defended wall,

until we pushed into their killing hall.

One miss-step and an arrow came,

And these goblin archers had deadly aim.

Starfall threw out a cloud of fog,

and obscured our crossing with the thick smog.

We ran across the hall to a door,

and I picked the lock, then hit the floor.

We found ourselves the goblin prison,

inside a gnomish cleric had risen.

Erkey Timbers, he introduced himself,

then grabbed his holy symbol from the shelf.

In the goblin prison, Starfall freed a Kobold or two,

I peeked out the door and told them what they must do.

The Kobolds ran as fast as they could,

and I followed fast as I should.

We made it across the killing hall,

but the goblins noticed, and I knew the group might fall.

Aman the Senseless charged in a rage,

his best hope now was to awaken in a cage.

Starfall threw out another cloud of fog,

the rest of the party across the hall would slog.

They left poor Aman to his fate,

but that dreadful mistress would have to wait.

Cursing myself for a dimwitted dolt

up toward Aman, I had to bolt.

The fool wanted to die, but I could not let him be,

so I cast a powerful spell, and prayed we’d be free.

Then a thundering crack and I landed on the floor,

and all around me the walls were covered in gore.

Aman still stood and I rushed him back,

while behind us 12 goblins fell to a thunderous crack.

We walked back to Kobold land,

poor Aman was barely able to stand.

We sat down to rest for the night,

and I merely wondered how better to fight.

The next morning we awoke battered and sore.

It seemed like our quest was turning into a war,

but we gathered our strength and ventured on.

If we couldn’t win by brains we certainly had brawn.

The goblin lair was nearly deserted.

Our attention from main hall was diverted

by a noise of a loud and angry beast.

Was this the dragon to be released?

When we opened the door there it stood,

Meepo went to calm the dragon if he could.

Calcryx was a like the furry of a winter storm,

he bit Meepo, which was outside the norm.

“We must put it down to carry it back,”

and with that we started our attack.

“We cannot kill it,” Starfall cried.

“It won’t matter if we’re dead,” Millbee replied

After a vicious fight the beast was nearly down,

Millbee fired an arrow into Calcryx’s crown.

We all stood in shock, as the dragon died,

Though I’d be a liar if I said my heart didn’t lift at the dracocide.

Meepo screamed and stabbed the wizard,

he would take vengeance for his oversized lizard.

Chaos broke out as we pulled Meepo from Millbee,

Where this ended none could see.

We knocked out the Kobold and tied him up.

Could this be the point where the party broke up?

Starfall was furious that we’d betrayed Meepo and his kind,

I fired back that the druid was blind.

Blind to the issues a Kobold fortress would cause.

We simply couldn’t know what their intention was.

After the shock and the debate,

We decided the wizard’s and the kobold’s fate.

Meepo must be killed or he’d tell of our treachery,

Millbee would be forgiven, though he made us a new enemy.

We could not go back to Kobold land,

so we continued forward to the adventure at hand.

We must seek out Belak and his twilight grove.

Curiosity was the force that drove

me onward, though I wanted to flee,

We’d come this far, the dark master I must see.



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