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Hello everyone! Welcome to a new segment of my blog, “From One Dungeon to Another.” These articles will have me discussing a variety of my personal opinions on various D&D topics, as well as various memorable moments. The particularly cool thing about this segment is that Christina, who wrote a guest article on beginning to DM, will also be blogging about the same topic. We will include links to each other’s post within our articles, seeing the contrast between opinions and experiences should be really interesting!

Well without further explanation onto the topic…

Top 3 Playable Player Races 

I don’t get to talk (or think) much about myself as a player, so this should be fun. In no particular order here we go! Also, here is a link to Christina’s blog to hear her thoughts (this link will also be at the end of my post 🙂 )



Yup Elves! I am guessing several people are nodding in agreement, and many others are thinking BLEH Elves, really!

Well hear me out. I have always gravitated towards more dexterous, witty, and brain over brawn characters, which Elves do very well. I also really enjoyed their racial proficiency in Longbows in 3rd Edition, it made several other classes a bit more fun at lower levels.

Plus, as a huge fan of Tolkien, it is tough not to have at least somewhat of a soft spot in my heart for these people.

Finally, there is a great deal of nostalgia in this race for me, as growing up they were always my favorite to play as. While a fledgling player of 9 I imagined myself as a valiant elf lord like Glorfindel or Elrond. Into my pre-teen and teen years I identified a lot with Tanis Half-Elven, despite, or maybe because, of all his angsty whining, but since           half-elves were pretty dull player races in 3rd edition I just played an elf and thought of myself as Tanis.



The dour, staunch, and doughty  dwarf has really captured my imagination in the past few years. Dwarf NPCs are some of my favorite to roleplay, and they are often the race I find myself thinking about character concepts for.

A drastic change from the frail but nimble Elf, I really like how I imagine Dwarves feel as a race. They have a lot of layers which could be a blast to roleplay as. A annoyed and grouchy dwarf, which slowly reveals a kinder heard, while definitely a cliche, can create a ton of really fun moments.  I also really like the craftsmanship and devotion this race usually has, as that can provide really interesting spins on a character.

Finally, I have really begun to appreciate the value a lot of hitpoints and toughness brings to a character. Few Dwarf characters have to worry about goblin or kobold attacks nearly as much as say Elves, after all Dwarves will most likely be encased in armor and have a high Constitution score, I like that.

Honorable Mentions

Before I move into my final top 3 playable races I wanted to give two honorable mentions (Sorry Christina I cheated 🙂 ). The Halfling and Dragonborn, both of which I really enjoy. Halflings for the ability to because I have a softspot for the idea of a Hobbit and Dragonborn because I think they are awesome!



Yup, the average, and in some peoples’ opinions boring Human, is one of my favorite races to play as. Some people may wonder, why play a Human, when you have so many other more exciting races to choose from?

Well Humans, over any other race, I think offer a depth and variety of archetypes to roleplay. We are Humans, so we know that Humans are a diverse and unique bunch. Many people will view Elf characters and Dwarf characters as usually possessing certain similar traits and interests. If you want to move away from these tropes it can be hard work, you have to establish your uniqueness to the party, often with an explanation in mind. Not for Humans!

My two favorite characers, Sir Edmund De Le Guile the obnoxious Paladin and Chamon my illiterate Favored Soul posing as a Cleric, were Humans. I think this is because when choosing Humans as a race, I at least start with a blank slate. I can explore unusual concepts and personalities without wondering why I differ from the many others of my particular race. This is not to say I don’t think other races can be used in unusual or unique ways, for my own roleplaying I just have found I can roleplay unique Humans easier.

Finally, back in 3rd Edition every race came with a negative stat penalty, not Humans. Humans were the best way to create a well rounded and balanced character with a blend of good stats, rather then one really great stat and one poor one.

Well those are my top 3 playable character races (and two honorable mentions), please take some time and check out Christina’s blog post here and find out what her top 3 are :).





7 thoughts on “From One Dungeon to Another

  1. Hahaha I’m totally not surprised that you love dwarves 😛 But I love the honorable mention of halflings. I think they need some more love 🙂 ❤
    I totally didn't think of Humans that way! I was one of those who thought of humans as "boring" with no cool abilities, but now I totally see the full customization possibilities with a totally blank slate!


  2. Much as we joke about Thatch saying “Back in 4th Gen”, I realize you’ve got quite a “back in 3rd/3.5 edition” vibe going on!

    Having started playing D&D in 5th edition myself, my thing about playing a human character in D&D isn’t that they’re lacking, since humans are one of the strongest races for ANYTHING (and probably with the greatest number of creative AND viable builds) if you use the variant that starts with a feat in 5th edition. I’m definitely more in the camp you described that finds it boring. The reason I’ve never been inclined to make a human character is because I AM a human. If I want to be a human, I just need to live my life. And I have all of human history to appreciate humanity for. I don’t need more of it in my D&D. I love the potential for D&D to explore and role play unreal, fantastical ideas and would rather pursue that in it, personally.

    My top 3 would be:
    -Half Orc
    -Half Elf
    Elves/Dwaves/Dragonborn are cool too.


  3. Good point Sublime, I definitely reference back in 3rd Gen a lot 🙂 To be fair, up until this year it was the D&D system I played exclusively for 15 years :).

    I quite like Half Orcs, but Half Elves are one of my least favorite races to play as. Half Elfs I always think why not just play an elf. I like the Half-orc more the RP the stuck between both worlds character. I also find that Half-orcs can be a blast because you can break out of their traditional roles, where as Half-elves sort of do everything :).

    Yet again we find that your and my taste is pretty different :). Thanks for the comment!


    1. Why play a half-elf? Well… because it’s a roleplaying game. The elf might have better abilities, but the half-elf might be rejected from both societies and create a much more interesting social experience than just another elf.


  4. Well, I just realized ALL of my top three races involve being juxtaposed between two very different worlds to some extent, so I clearly have an interest in that concept.

    With Half Elf specifically, part of it is I’m always considering the gameplay side of things. Half Elf is extremely solid and versatile between getting to pick your stat boosts to an extent, a third, free extra language, and proficiency in two skills of your choice. On a class that also lets you grab more skill proficiencies it gets pretty crazy. On any class that relies on Charisma for casting they’ll always be one of THE most optimal choices, but because of how customizable their racial bonuses are, they can be effective at ANY class, pretty much. Most other races have all their bonuses set in stone, but Half Elves are one of few races that can be good at anything, bridging the gap between creative character ideas and still being optimized.


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