From One Dungeon to Another

Hello Everyone! Today I am writing another exciting “From One Dungeon to Another.” This is a series of articles where my fellow D&D blogger Christina and I post about the same topic, and then provide links to each other’s posts, to provide interesting contrast. You can find Christina’s blog here.

Onto the topic, for this “From One Dungeon to Another” we will be discussing our top 3 favorite Player Classes, for simplicity sake we kept it limited to the classes in the 5th Edition Player’s Handbook. As my regular readers will know, I rarely get to play as a player, so these are based on older games, or impressions.

In no particular order, here we GO!

The Barbarian 

Conan (1)

I have always really liked the idea of these lightly armored, berserk warriors. There is something iconic about the fur clad, roaring barbarian, that just screams Dungeons and Dragons. Plus there are a lot of really nice chances for roleplaying with the Barbarian class, you can be the short spoken Barbarian, or shock your fellow players with being insightful and wise, similar to Logan Ninefingers from the First Law Trilogy. Even Conan, the poster boy for the short spoken strong man, knew what is best in life :D!

I also really enjoy the wilderness aspect of the Barbarian class, Survival and Wilderness Lore are things which always seem needed in the group, but are often lacking. It add some nice potential when thinking about character background, and creative things for your character to do out of combat. Maybe the Barbarian is passionate about wildlife preservation, or is an avid gardener.

Finally, I think Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition has added a lot of really neat feature to the class to give it a very different feel from the common fighter. The variety in the totem in particular interests me.

The Paladin


The Paladin is a class that I think has so much potential. You can play the holy avenger, the knight in shining armor, or the wise warrior.

One of my favorite characters, which I have mentioned before, was Sir Edmond De Le Guile, the Lawful Neutral Paladin. He was an elitist, arrogant knight. He was a blast to roleplay, I loved using my share of the loot to pay NPCs to be my valet, cooking my meals and cleaning my clothes. I called party members peasant, and would perk up at the mention of damsels in distress. Perhaps I was a bit TOO much of a caricature, but it was great for the one-off he was used in. I would love to give the Paladin another go, but I would potentially try to jovial but absurdly good knight this time.

Finally, rules wise I really enjoy the changes 5th edition has given to the class. They feel very unique and bring a lot of fun additions to the game. There magic is actually useful, and you can channel Smite against any enemy, very cool!

The Wizard


The master of magic, the wonder of whimsy, yup my final favorite class is the classic Wizard! Since I can remember, one of my all time favorite fictional characters has been Gandalf, and during my initial forays into D&D I always played a Wizard, which I imagined as Gandalf.

As I gained a deeper understanding of the game, I was intrigued by the potential that powerful spells could bring to the table. I also really felt drawn to the less straightforward play style Wizards had. The variety of spells the Wizard has over the Sorcerer also gives the class a great deal of flexibility, which I enjoy.

While I haven’t played a Wizard for a long time, it remains one of my all time favorite classes. It is an icon of D&D and I always love DMing a party that has a creative Wizard.

Well that is it for my top 3 favorite classes. What are your favorite classes? Are there any on my list you were surprised by?

Be sure to check out Christina’s post here and see what here favorite classes are.


7 thoughts on “From One Dungeon to Another

  1. I also love the Barbarian class. Lots of cool mechanics to explore and interesting class branches. It plays so differently from a Fighter despite both classes basically being THE pure physical attacking classes of DnD.

    Kilcrath is my first foray in Paladin territory, but I’m enjoying it greatly so far. I love how much GOOD versatility it has to offer. And from what I know of previous editions, they’ve done a great job of not requiring it to juggle tons of stats to be effective at what they do in 5e, while still needing you to be very thoughtful in where you distribute your points between an attacking stat, AND Charisma, AND Constitution.

    Wizards are actually my LEAST favorite of the many, many casting classes, though. I would rather play a Warlock, Sorc, Bard, Cleric, or Druid before a Wizard. That said, I don’t DISlike the class. It’s just my least favorite. It’s not boring, per se, but it comes off to me as less interesting both mechanically and flavor-wise to other casting classes. Wizards read as the “generic” casters in some way to me, even though I know they can be extremely varied. Doesn’t help that they are THE frailest class. Their book of spells is cool, and I have a lot of appreciation that their mastery of magic comes from effort and study as opposed to getting magic from some other source such as gods/the earth/the music of the cosmos/patrons. Can’t knock someone for accomplishing something on their own merit.

    My quick top three would be: Barbarian, Rogue, Warlock.

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  2. Paladin’s in 5e are much, much cooler then 3rd ed. Many people argued (with quite a bit of good evidence to back it up) that playing a Paladin was much weaker in every way from a Good Aligned fighter with an honor code, had less HPs, less special abilities, and the few special abilities the paladin used to get only were great against Evil. 5e has really fixed the class, while keeping the flavor.

    I found your perspective on the Wizard class really intriguing, as it is so different from my own. I like the idea of many of the other casting classes, but classes like the sorcerer and warlock are my least favorite. To me they feel like a bit less flexible watered down Wizard, sort of like the flashy new kid on the block :). I think I almost like the generic caster feel, for similar reasons to why I like the Human player race :D. I like the Sorcerer class a lot more in 5e, but think I would still always veer towards Wizard.

    As always Sublime thanks for your input, always interesting to get a different perspective.

    If you don’t mind me asking what about the rogue puts it in your top 3? I like the class but rate it in the middle of the pack.


  3. I didn’t think to make the connection between your love for and my distaste for both playing Humans and the Wizard class, but now that you mention it, it makes so much sense that the reasons for why you like both of those things and I don’t are the same in both instances!

    Concerning Rogues, while I can definitely think of a number of classes I would say are “better” or “stronger”, I think the flavor they bring is quintessential in a fantasy role-playing game and one of my favorite brands of flavor to play as. And is spite of being the evasive, dodgy type they can be deceptively good in combat – a lot more than one might initially think when envisioning the stealth class. They also get more stat boosts than every other class besides Fighters, and get tons of cool tools and extra skills. I like all of its archetypes for completely different reasons as well (and few are the classes where I like ALL the archetypes it offers). For me, it’s a good-enough class but also a really FUN class. It’s a bonus that a lot of different races can excel in the class since so many get boosts in stats Rogues appreciate.


    1. Some great points about the rogue. I think the class itself has a ton of great flexibility in playstyle and RPing. Could be a face rogue and smooth talk your way out (or into) problems, or the sneak, or a pickpocket. So many possibilities. You are also right that it is a class many races can do with big perks from their racial abilities.


  4. Hahaha we’ve done it again with having no duplicate classes! Funny enough though, Paladin and Barbarian were really close to making the list. I was going to put Paladin down for the same reason I like Cleric – there is something about the connection to a diety and being fed powers through that bond that I find so intriguing – but as I mentioned, I usually prefer to play more support characters so the Cleric class just tiptoed in front of the Paladin.

    As for the Barbarian, I almost feel like it is a weird one-night-stand-love-child of the Druid, Ranger, and Fighter classes. They have the brute strength and combat “expertise” as the Fighter (I put that in quotes because their expertise seem a bit more talent based than training), but have an attunement to the nature around them. I have seen a lot of players play the Barbarian as the rash hot headed out for blood berserker, but I also see Barbarians played as a hunter/gatherer type, someone who has such a strong connection to the earth that they can navigate the lands like its nobody’s business!


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