Curse of Strahd: The Horror Begins

Hi everyone! I am back, after a very long hiatus! Despite not writing, I have continued to play D&D, and am excited to getting back on the horse.

Some quick upkeeping things, I do not plan to write many side articles, instead I plan to focus on writing two series, one breaking down how the Curse of Strahd sessions I have been running as a DM go, and another describing my play sessions (that’s right I have begun to play as a character!!!!) in The Red Hand of Doom.

Right, so onto the meatier bits, since quite a bit has happened in my Curse of Strahd campaign, I plan to first give introductions to the party, and in a future article or get everyone caught up on how this campaign has been going. I will follow a similar formula for The Red Hand of Doom.

Since I wanted to jump right into the full story for Curse my party started at level 4, the suggested level for the campaign, if forgoing the “Death House” intro adventure.

The Party

Maximillian Buttkiss the Third

A Half-Orc Devotion Paladin, with a street urchin background. Buttkiss (I cannot believe that name has stuck) is an at time reckless combatant, that has a habit of jumping into tough situations.

His Protection from Evil spell has been invaluable in helping him survive numerous encounters far above his own skill. Often taking the roll as a leader of the group, Buttkiss leads with his heart, striking at Evil when he sees it.




A Half-Elf Warlock, following the path of the Old One. Originally a painter, Haita constantly struggled to push himself to new levels of expertise, until finally swearing himself to the King in Yellow, an otherworldly patron, that at times helped spur the Haita’s art to new levels, but now the poor soul finds himself haunted by what that pact truly means.

Extremely mentally fragile, Haita often succumbs to fits in which his patron takes partial control, lashing out with dark magic against what ever is threatening him. Not necessarily a adventurer by choice, Haita is often quietly and obsessively drawing the visions his patron gives him, while the party discusses the best paths to take.


A dwarven Fighter, Tordek is a dour companion, often heard grumbling about the poor choices of his party. Wielding an axe and shield to deadly effect Tordek regularly finds himself standing side by side with Buttkiss, despite his dubious trust in the Half-Orc’s leadership. Often Tordek reluctantly enters combat, while attempting to caution a more careful approach to interactions. He is constantly trying to keep the group focused on their goals and quests, rather then having them rove all over the place.


A Half-Elf Rogue, serving as an agent unknown masters, Occulus views his time in Ravenloft as a chance to investigate this strange place and report back to his leader. This curiosity causes him to often follow Buttkiss into danger, if not for any other reason then to satisfy his own  inquisitiveness. A kind explorer, Occulus will often put himself in danger to help others.


A human ranger, Mikhael has made a living hunting down and eradicating Undead. He wields a blend of dual hand crossbows, as well as swords to deadly effect. Cautious and stealthy, Mikhael often uses his Ranger abilities to navigate the wilds of Barovia.


Eogan (Owen)

A brutal and strong Human Barbarian, Eogan does not bring brains to the party, but he aims to make up for that with brawn and a quick temper. Often unconcerned with issues of right and wrong, this path or that, Eogan will lounge in the background, while the party makes decisions. His closest friend in the party is his horse Steven, who he often dotes on, and is regularly petting and talking to.


And that is my intrepid band of 6 adventurers, who have been pulled into the mysterious lands of Barovia. A few interesting things to note, in our past campaign we had several spell casters, while in this campaign half the party are brutal front line fighters, two are stealthy and sneaky side fighters, and only one really casts spells!

Tell me what you think of the party, do you think they have all survived 7 sessions into the Curse of Strahd ?(we just had our 7th session)


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