Curse of Strahd: Sessions 3-4 Recaps

Alright, so continuing on the Curse of Strahd recaps… when we last left off, Strahd had just attacked the party, with a combination of terrified running, deception, and playing dead saving the party.

Session 3:

Resting well into the day to heal, the party eventually healed and set out for the town church, ran by Donavich the priest. There goal was to give the burgomiester’s remains a proper burial. While Ismark and Ireena both wanted to accompany the group, the party convinced Ireena to remain in the mansion, while the party ventured out into the town. Many of the buildings in town appeared to be abandoned and desolate.

As fate would have it, the path to the church yet again crossed the path of the house with loud crying echoing out from it. When the party asked about the house, Ismark told them that was Mad Mary’s house. Buttkiss , intrigued by the pitiful wails approached the building, while the rest of the party, specifically Mikhael and Tordek loudly opposed such unnecessary and dangerous investigation.

Buttkiss, ignoring his team’s words of caution, knocked on the door, which squeaked open on its own, with no one at the door, and the cries of sorrow echoing around the house. Leaving Buttkiss to their explorations, the rest of the party continued onto the church, arriving their safely.

As Buttkiss  entered the dark home, sitting on a chair in the hallway was a creepy toy doll. Buttkiss picked up the doll, examining it, and saw that it had a lable “Is no Blinsky, Is no Fun!”  Seeing nothing of interest Buttkiss put the doll back on the chair.

Image result for Blinksy doll

The cries were coming from further inside the house, and Buttkiss found the distraught Mad Mary, who informed him that her daughter had gone missing. Mary had kept her daughter shut inside her entire life, for protection, but now the girl was gone and she didn’t know where. Unable to solve the mystery immediately, Buttkiss promised the woman he would try to find her daughter and left the house. Oddly, the strange doll was on the ground, rather then the chair where he thought he had placed it….

Catching up with the party Buttkiss also arrived at the church. The church was odd, and rundown, with shrieks coming from the basement. Talking to Donavich the party realized they would be able to bury the burgomeister’s body, but after that it would be dusk, so they wanted to stay in the church for safety. The priest avoided mentioning the shrieking coming from the basement, and initially the party ignored it as well. As it continued; however, Buttkiss and Occulus’s interest was piqued so they asked about it. After some persuading Donavich admitted it was his son, who had gone off years ago with a wizard to confront Strahd; however, the group he went with was slain. Days later his son returned, but he was changed, since then he has had his son imprisoned in the basement.

Wanting to see if he could help, Buttkiss and Occulus entered the basement, with Haita and Mikhael reluctantly following behind. Tordek and Eogan, seeing no point in the exercise lounged in the church.

Image result for Doru curse of strahd

It quickly became apparent that Doru was a vampire spawn. The frantic starved creature fought ferociously, feeding on poor Occulus; however, the combined effort of the party managed to use nonlethal damage and restrain the boy, thanks to Buttkiss carrying a set of chains and manacles. After being restrained, the rest of the party quickly loss interest; however, Buttkiss chose to interrogate the creature for several hours, not finding anything of too much interest. They then left the basement, leaving the creature “alive,” while they rested in the church.

During Occulus’s watch, he noticed something odd, Buttkiss was cradling an odd doll in his arms while sleeping. Shrugging his shoulders Occulus continued his watch, and turned to see the doll had disappeared…

When asked about it, Buttkiss reacted quite fearfully stating they had to stop by Mad Mary’s on the way to the manor. (I believe his exact words were, “Oh fuck no…. shit… guys… um we need to stop by that house again. I can’t have this…)

Image result for Blinksy doll

The party stopped by Mad Mary’s house again, this time Occulus also accompanied Buttkiss. The doll was yet again in the chair; however, the crying was mysteriously gone. While peering around Buttkiss heard movement coming from upstairs. Moving the investigate, Occulus stayed to examine the doll. The rest of the party stood at the entrance to the house, annoyed at what they viewed as a time waster.

Once upstairs, Buttkiss found Mad Mary’s daughters room, which had a form appearing to sleep in the bed. Creeping forward Buttkiss realized it was Mary’s body, covered in blood! The door behind him slammed shut, while at the same time the creepy doll burst into life clawing at Occulus.

Turning towards the door Buttkiss saw a ghostly visage in a aged mirror. Occulus freaking out threw the doll to the ground, Eogan, already bored, strode forward and smashed the doll to pieces, after which the door Buttkiss saw also opened up.

Image result for Ghostly mirror

Figuring better to be safe then sorry, Buttkiss and Occulus set the building on fire, cleansing it of any evil. Annoyed at the distraction, Tordek and Mikhael were glad to continue onto the manor; however, while traveling there, they saw a haggard old woman pushing a sweet cart door to door.

Image result for Curse of Strahd hag

While the majority of the group wanted to ignore the woman and continue on, Buttkiss, again intrigued, moved towards the woman, asking what she was selling. She told them she was selling dream pastries, and asked if he wanted any. When Buttkiss said no, she shrugged and continued moving door to door. As he was walking back to the party, they saw the old woman stop at a door, walk in, and come out dragging a child, which she stuffed in her cart. After which, she handed several dream pastries over to the adults in the home.

Enraged, Buttkiss began to stride forward; however, Tordek, refusing to allow another distraction, pushed the paladin onwards to the manor. Arriving, the party gathered some materials and left the town of Barovia, planning to follow the road to the walled town of Vallaki.

Session 4:

Traveling on the road, the party had several minor encounters including Occulus seeing a ghostly figured hung from a tree, and a fight with 8 demonic scarecrows.

Image result for Curse of Strahd scarecrows

After several hours on the road, the party again heard the howling of wolves. Soon they saw a trio of large dire wolves rushing to attack them. As they drew closer, it became apparent that one of the wolves had a long freshly healed cut on its side, yup it was the same trio from a few nights before. This time; however, after a brief combat, the party was victorious, slaying all three of the canine foes.

Image result for Worgs

Continuing onward, the party saw a large dilapidated wind mill on a large hill. Assuming this was one of the locations from their fortune, the party wished to investigate; however, Tordek argued it made more sense to get Ireena somewhere safe, and then come back.

Image result for Valaki curse of strahd

Agreeing, the party continued onto the walled town of Vallaki, arriving just before dark, only to find the gates shut and barred. Grabbing one of the guardsmen who strayed too close to the portcullis, Buttkiss used an amazing intimidation check to convince the guards to open up.

The party quickly sought refuge in the Blue Water Inn, and figured they were safe enough for a rest. While in the Inn, they found out the store of wine from the Wizards of Wine had ceased, and the party agreed to investigate, in return for free room and board.

This is where we stopped our 4th session, and is where I will stop my recap. Whew!


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