Curse of Strahd: Session 8.5

Hello readers! My party informed me that in my Session 8 recap, I actually missed a segment of our session. So lets rewind just a little bit, to right before our band of adventurers left Vallaki.

Realizing that they would be traveling for sometime, the party concluded they did not want to be outside at night for more time then necessary. Preferably, they would like to dart from one safe haven to the next, in hopes of avoiding Strahd and his minions.

In order to facilitate this quicker travel, the party decided that they would need horses. Now Eogan already had Steven, and Buttkiss had Bastion, so this left Tordek, Occulus, Mikhail, and Haita to find mounts.

Image result for D&D horses

Unfortunately for the party, Vallaki, a rather isolated and impoverished town, had a lack of anyone selling horses. The party was pointed to a Vistani camp, which was right outside the town, alongside a small settlement of Dusk Elves. Figuring this was their only chance for steeds, the group moved outside the safety of Vallaki’s walls, and headed towards the camp.

They saw several small wooden houses, built surrounding a hill, at the top of which was a circle of bight and colorful Vistani covered wagons. A Large tent sat at the center of this circle.

Walking into large tent, the group saw a young Vistani man, tied to the center tent pole, being beaten. They were torn on whether or not to intercede, but Tordek, ever the pragmatic man, argued that they do not know what the man did, and to allow the group to use discipline as they saw fit. Agreeing the band waited, until the beating was done. They then approached the two adult males Vistani to inquire about some horses.

Haita, asked about a mule, and promptly bought one for 20 some gold pieces, and left the tent happy. Occulus, taking the lead for horses, fumbled quite a bit with the bartering process. The Vistani, offered to sell two horses to the group, each for 200 gold. Outraged at the astonishingly high price, Tordek stomped out of the tent, muttering how dwarves didn’t need horses anyway.

Occulus, not to be dissuaded, continued to try to negotiate a better price. The Vistani, in an act of “kindness” offered the Rogue a horse for 75 gold; however, when he walked out of the tent to see the horse he saw it was a worn, old, illkept nag that most likely couldn’t survive a single hard gallop, much less fleeing from enemies in the wilds. Annoyed, Occulus left.

Mikhail; however, continued to ask, and the Vistani man, with a glimmer in his eye, offered the Ranger a steed, for 75 gold, in return for a small favor. He wanted Mikhail to pour a small vial of potion into Occulus’s food. This would, he claimed, make the Rogue go bald, humbling him. Mikhail smirked, and agreed pocketing the vial.

Leaving the hill, the party saw a Dusk Elf man, sadly sitting in a chair. Interested, Occulus and Mikhail walked over to the elf, while Tordek grumbled about pointless side tracking.

The melancholy Dusk Elf introduced himself as Kasimir Velikov, and invited the pair into his home for tea. Occulus intrigued agreed, while Mikhail decided to rejoin Tordek. After a brief conversation Occulus learned that the Dusk Elves were a dying race, as Strahd had killed all the females of their race hundreds of years ago.

Lately, Kasimir had been haunted by dreams, he believed to be sent by his dead sister. Kasimir told Occulus that the key to breaking Barovia from Strahd’s curse, and ending the beast’s life, rests in the Amber Temple to the South. He wished to accompany the group if they head there, as he believed the temple holds the key to bringing his sister back to life. Occulus thanked the elf for the food and information, and told him he would consider the offer, leaving.

Image result for Kasimir Velikov

During dinner that night, Mikhail passed a Sleight of Hand check, pouring the vial of liquid into Occulus’s drink. The party then went to sleep. The next morning, the party was greeted by an irate Occulus, who has lost most of his hair, as well as grown several patches of gross scaly skin over night. Laughing hysterically, Mikhail’s player stated, “It was only supposed to make you lose your hair!” Outraged at his appearance Occulus refused to leave town until he was cured, which the party concluded would take a further day. Annoyed, but finally agreeing to wait for the Rogue the party spent another day in Vallaki uneventfully until finally leaving the next day…

Hope you enjoyed that quick recap, I am going to try to get the final recap done before my next session this Sunday!


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